Plant List

Plant List

Ajuga ‘Chocolate Chip’
Bugleweed · Sun to Part Shade · 2–4 in · Zones 3–9
Miniature chocolate-brown foliage with stunning blue flowers in spring. Not as invasive as other Ajuga varieties.

Ajuga reptans ‘Dixie Chip’ PPAF*
Bugleweed · Sun to Shade · 3 in · Zones 4–8
Tri-colored foliage in shades of burgundy, green and cream with violet-blue flower spikes that bloom from May to June. Good ground cover.


Acre Sun 6inch zone 4-9
Bright yellow flowers bloom in June/July on yellow-green egg-shaped leaves

Acre Aureum
Pale green with tiny butter yellow star shaped flowers in May and June

acre ‘Octoberfest’
Stonecrop · Sun · 2 in · Zones 4–8
Mat-forming foliage, dainty leaves with creamy white star shaped flowers

floriferum ‘Weihenstephaner Gold’
Stonecrop · Sun · 3–5 in · Zones 3–9
Serrated green rosettes tht turn red in winter, golden yellow flowers with red sepals in summer

hakonense ‘Makino’
Stonecrop · Sun to Part Shade · 6 in · Zones 6–9
Long brown velvety succulent foliage, tinged olive in summer. Yellow star-shaped blooms in late spring. Chinese-red in late fall.

hispanicum minus ‘Purple Form’
Stonecrop · Sun to Part Shade · 2 in · Zones 5–9
Blue gray foliage in summer, then change to blue and shades of purple in winter.
Late summer pink star shaped flowers

reflexum ‘Blue Spruce’
Stonecrop · Sun · 6–10 in · Zones 3–8
blue-green pine like foliage. Yellow flowers mid summer
Mats of blue-green, pine-like succulent foliage.

reflexum ‘Green Spruce’
Stonecrop · Sun · 4 in · Zone 4
Green pine like foliage.

rupestre ‘Angelina’
Stonecrop · Sun · 3–6 in · Zones 3–11
Golden burro-tailed foliage.Yellow flowers mid summer

Stonecrop · Sun to Partial Shade · 3 in · Zones 4–9
jelly bean foliage turning shades of rose and copper in the sun
Yellow flowers in summer.

spurium ‘Dragon’s Blood’
Stonecrop · Sun · 6 in · Zones 3–8
Neon red flowers bronze-tinged green foliage in July. Glowing scarlet bronze in fall

spurium ‘John Creech’
Stonecrop · Sun · 2 in · Zones 3–8
pink rosettes blooming in June.

spurium ‘Voodoo’
Stonecrop · Sun · 6 in · Zones 3–9
Red edged  leaves on red stems. Rose blooms over summer

Stonecrop · Sun to Part Shade · 3 in · Zones 4–8
Bright yellow flowers above flat round green foliage that turns reddish bronze in winter

tetractinum ‘Coral Carpet’
Stonecrop · Sun to Part Shade · 3 in · Zones 4–8
Yellow flowers above flat round green foliage that turns coppery coral in cool weather.

Sempervivums ‘Hens and Chicks’
Zone 3-8
Drought tolerant
Full sun Gives a finished look immediately
Drought tolerant
Maintains shape
Varieties of color & size

Laurentia Fluviatilis
Blue Star Creeper
Zone 6-8
Prefers Moisture
Partial Shade Low growing
Trails roots onto moss
Pretty blue flowers

Thymus ‘Wooly Thyme’
Zone 4-8
Prefers dryer conditions
Likes sun Quick coverage
Very low growing
Trails roots on moss

Dianthus Gratianopolitanus
“tiny rubies” Cheddar Pink
Zone 3-8
Tolerates dryer conditions
Likes Sun Low growing
Nice color

Zone 9-11
Prefers Moisture
Likes Sun Variety of Colors
Can be trimmed to maintain shape

Dwarf Black Mondo Grass

Leptinella “Platts Black”
New Zealand Brass Buttons
Zone 7-9
Likes Moisture
Partial Shade Good color & texture