Wire Art Topiaries

Topiary Frame: These hand crafted topiary frames will make your gardens first impression a lasting one. Each frame is constructed of high quality metal, welded, then finished in an elegant matte black powder coating to resist the elements. With every frame being hand made, this makes each topiary a unique sculpture.

Suggested Uses: Fill the empty frame with gifts for that special gift basket, wrap with indoor/outdoor lights for festive occasions in your garden or simply place in your garden and enjoy as is. The horse frame embellished with a garland of roses makes a great centerpiece for a Derby party and the large standing bunny filled with Easter eggs is an adorable addition to your spring decorations. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Mossed Frame: The topiary frame is filled with just the right amount of dyed sphagnum moss. The sphagnum moss is your planting medium. It is the “soil” you will use to plant your topiary.

Suggested Uses: Simply plant into the sphagnum moss whatever plant your imagination desires. We have had success with annuals, perennials, cactus and herbs. Or simply place in your garden and enjoy the mossed topiary as is.

Lit Topiary: This uniquely hand crafted lit topiary frame will add a bright spot to your home or garden. The topiary frame is wrapped with U/L listed clear lights.

Suggested Uses: Our lit topiary makes a great addition to your festive event or special occasion. Be it a wedding, birthday, trade show, store display or your favorite holiday, our lit frames will add that sparkle to make your day a shinning success.

Mossed Frame with Plants: The topiary frame, filled with moss and preplanted for your garden. Plants are chosen to enhance the appearance of the topiary. I take care to ensure the plants I use are hardy in your growing zone. Plants are chosen to add color and texture, bringing the topiary to “life”. Please refer to both the FAQ’s page and the photos through-out the website. This is will give you a better idea of how your favorite frame might look. Please understand that each topiary is unique and actual plants may vary. Don’t hesitate to contact me for more specific information.

Metal Art

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